MOOV Head Lice Educational Episodes

MOOV Head Lice Educational Episodes

Head lice are unwelcome visitors in any household. Learn more about head lice symptoms and how to best check your child’s hair for head lice. If you do find yourself knuckle deep in your offspring’s hair searching for these annoying critters, don’t worry – we have all of the tips and information to help you treat head lice effectively. Click to watch these educational videos from MOOV.


Episode 1: How Head Lice spread

Understanding how lice spread and what to look out for is crucial in preventing the spread of head lice. Learn how they travel and teach your children about sharing hats, combs or brushes, and pillows, which may facilitate the spread of head lice. Discover the facts and learn more in the video.

Episode 2: Steps to help prevent Head Lice

We all want to stop the spread of these tiny critters, but what steps can we take to deter head lice? Learn more about prevention tips, commonly shared items and a product you can use to defend when you know head lice are around.

Episode 3: Treating Head Lice

If you’re searching for tiny insects running rampant in your child’s hair and discover a few or maybe a few dozen, don’t panic. We have a quick and easy method to treat head lice! To successfully banish head lice, it’s also important to learn about their life cycle.

Episode 4: Head Lice myth busters

Can lice really jump from head to head? Do they prefer dirty hair over clean hair and can they spread disease? Have they become resistant to treatment products? Thankfully, we’re ready to bust the myths about head lice for good!